Hello! Was wondering if anyone happens to have experience with meniscus tears? Wanted to glean some insight on how yall have managed it. I suspect i tore mine 2 years back, and ever since the knee flare episodes have came and gone, but unfortunately has gotten progressively worse. There’s significantly more pronounced “catching” nowadays which wasnt there last time, so im kinda forced to finally give it some attention haha. Am somewhat hesitant to bring it to a physio/doctor because my local ones arent very EDS aware, and they are either quick to suggest surgery, or quick to diss surgical intervention altogether without keeping in mind the population at all. Im not for or against surgical intervention, but i would love advice that is more catered to our population. Would love to hear your experiences!

Posted by Deleted (ade58139) at 2022-05-09 17:33:37 UTC