Hey everyone, I'm pretty new here...trying to adjust and get my head around finally getting diagnosed with Hypermobility. I am still waiting to see a rheum doc to discuss potential EDS and POTs but this is taking a long time. I've spoken to many medical "professionals" and I invert that word because most of them have been so rude and dismissive of my extensive problems that are proving I have EDS. Did anyone else have this experience of getting someone to actually believe you?? Also with Hypermobility does anyone find that they literally wake up with a new pain every morning and find their pain worse during sleeping? I'm struggling mentally at the moment to try and appreciate that this could be the condition without letting my mind trail off to more sinister places... Any advice when speaking to doctors, or about pain with hypermobility would be much much appreciated! X

Posted by Deleted (eebc5723) at 2022-05-11 16:50:25 UTC