I have a stubborn pelvic rotation problem, and I'd love advice. Lately I've been experiencing persistent groin pain on the right side. It seems to be my adductors. It's aggravated by standing, walking, and especially driving. I've been doing videos focused on pelvic instability such as unwinding the pelvis, trauma, lower back and support for the hip joint. I'm noticing that my adductors on that side seem to hang on tightly to my pelvis, so my hip is somewhat stuck; I first noticed this after a prompt from jeannie to imagine the femurs moving around in the hip sockets. I've been trying modified clamshell/leg roll exercises to strengthen outer hip/ rotators but when I bring my leg back up the adductors seem to lead the movement. I can't seem to access the appropriate muscles. On the opposite side, the TFL is the one that overworks and gets irritated. I know I need to correct this imbalance but I'm literally feeling stuck. Any insight? Thanks.

Posted by emily-b at 2022-05-14 14:53:26 UTC