Hello everyone! I’m Lydia and just joined! Hopefully I’m posting in the right place 😅 I’ve recently been diagnosed with chondromalacia patellae after 14 months of misdiagnoses. It’s a knee injury I had during a bad fall on the stairs and sustained trauma to the knee. Does anyone else have any experience of this and any advice on how they have got back to normal with walking? Or any physio exercises you may have found helpful? I know that isometric exercises are the way to go and focusing on all the leg muscles is important, but right now I’ve been in severe pain after a doctor had to press on my kneecaps to diagnose me 😖 I managed to get it in both knees and cannot walk now, but I used to be very active so really trying to just get back to my normal as soon as I can! 😄

Posted by Deleted (74371015) at 2022-05-16 11:13:21 UTC