Hi everyone Hope you are all having a great start to the week. Couple of changes you will start to see here in TZC. 1) the resource centre is being reorganised to make it easier to find things. Look out for that soon. 2) I will be reorganising the groups - we’ve got some exciting plans brewing which I will share at our next meet up in June. But for now, you will see some of the quieter groups disappear and new ones appear. I’m removing the country groups as I believe we are united as a community. 3) if you’ve requested to join the FB group, please message me on here to confirm. With the app, I need your email or username to find you. 4) I will be publishing and sharing with you some TZC guidelines for using this page shortly. It will help us get more out of the community. 5) most activity takes place here on the app now as opposed to the FB group but we will be keeping that group too for now as it’s a good way to share articles and posts. Sorry for the long read. Hope it makes sense. Feel free to message me if any questions. Jeannie

Posted by Jeannie Di Bon at 2022-05-16 13:14:10 UTC