My PT is feeling like she can't help me anymore. BUT I've gone from barely walking two minutes and then resting for two days to walking almost a mile a day. It took me a year. I'm still having trouble fitting in any exercises after that though. I still can't do a lot of the zebra club exercises. But it's hard to feel like she's giving up when I'm just getting started. She's used to people recovering in a matter of a few months, and she's been with me since August 2020. I've had several huge setbacks which I've worked through. My arms are still really struggling. Am I walking too much and not doing enough exercises? I feel like I'm failing my PT. She's so smart and she comes up with a lot of solutions. How do I make her feel like she's helping me? When I feel her giving up I feel really discouraged because my life depends on keeping my chin up and keeping it going.

Posted by Amanda C at 2022-05-17 12:02:00 UTC