Anyone dealing with a leg length discrepancy in addition to hypermobility? My right leg is about 1/2" (12mm) longer than the left, and I wear a lift inside my left shoe to compensate. The more attuned I become to my muscles, bones, and movement patterns, the more I'm aware of how confusing and uncomfortable it is to have my feet in these different positions when I'm building proprioception and finding stability and balance (the lift creates an incline under the heel of the shorter leg). Another thing complicating this is that I have plantar fasciitis/fasciosis and I feel like wearing my Birkenstocks are making my feet weaker—because they are so supportive—even though they're very comfortable. I wish I could go barefoot, but with the leg length discrepancy that doesn't seem possible. Thoughts or advice welcome and appreciated!

Posted by cripwitch at 2022-05-20 19:50:01 UTC