Hi everyone! New to the community and to EDS. I got a hypermobility diagnosis a couple months ago and have an appointment coming up with a cardiologist (suspected POTS) and am on waitlists for appointments to get genetic testing. My rheumatologist has suggested that it’s likely I have hEDS, so I feel pretty pessimistic about the genetic testing helping except to rule out other diagnoses. I used to run around 15 miles a week and work out regularly. After multiple knee injuries, shoulder injuries, and most recently a wrist injury, I’ve been couched for over a year. I’m having a hard time figuring out how to enjoy myself and love my body with all of these newly acknowledged limitations (and the weight gain). I’m scared to work out because I seem to always be about a month out from my next injury whenever I try to start again. Any suggestions, encouragement, or kind words are appreciated! Also curious if anyone has found any relief using different supplements? Fatigue and body aches have been insane lately. I’ve got a million questions but I’m trying to keep it somewhat short here — thank you to anyone who makes it through reading this and has anything to offer!

Posted by Deleted (fc33afd7) at 2022-05-24 16:44:56 UTC