I’m currently doing some pelvic stability strengthening BUT I have been noticing that I also have a LOT of shoulder pain / instability. When laying on my back to do the SI class I actually feel one side ( my right side) is almost digging into the floor more than the other side. Ironically the opposite shoulder to that side is my “worse” shoulder. Perhaps this makes sense?? I live in Newfoundland 🇨🇦 and there are such limited resources here that I haven’t seen anyone yet to rule out any spinal instability but in the last 2 years is when I was finally diagnosed ( and at 41 ) which I know is not uncommon. Unfortunately that means I have a lifetime of movements that I am gently working on to be more optimal for my body. My mobility is impacted terribly and I find walking extremely unsteady and have to rely on a mobility aid right now but I want to help prevent any further damage.

Posted by piercey_denise at 2022-05-28 18:27:23 UTC