After the third time doing the standing balance class that uses the bottom stair to step up and down on, I finally "heard" the bit about standing into the heel when taking the step onto the stair. Brilliant πŸ’‘! Made a big difference climbing stairs. Today I climbed those stairs and it was a completely different experience. Also I have played with standing into my heels more firmly as I walk and that is also engaging my glutes and leg muscles in a completely different way. This is after having been practicing the rolling motion of walking for a couple of months! The rolling did help but somehow I wasn't putting enough weight on the heels as I go through. I'm thrilled πŸ˜„ I was also happy to hear in yesterday's webinar that softer orthotics can be better for us. I had a pair that I had set aside because my podiatrist said that the hard orthotics were the only ones that are good. He is not EDS aware. I wore the soft orthotics yesterday and they also seem to support muscle engagement as Jeannie mentioned.

Posted by Trustinbeing at 2022-05-29 20:51:47 UTC