Can anyone give me their experiences of how a labral tear / hip impingement feels? After years of being dismissed and misdiagnosed (only got a diagnosis 2 years ago 41 ) I just am so tired of having to fight for answers. I do carry my body weight in my hips/thighs so I’ve had Drs even tell me I have pain because I’m overweight. I do mt TZC movements, and despite having to use a rollator for mobility , ANY time over the last couple years that I do even the slightest increase in movements ( or even sitting, walking assisted etc ) I get an intense tightness in the front of my hip ( right near the groin / underwear crease). It’s a deep feeling almost like a over stretched band. I have an appointment booked with my Dr and my Physio. Just so scared of being dismissed again. So thankful for this group.

Posted by piercey_denise at 2022-05-31 20:28:47 UTC