Does anyone else get chronic migraines? When I was in high school I missed a lot of school for asymptomatic migraines, the primary symptom of which was dizziness. I get all the migraine stuff, just without the actual “head aching” bit. In high school, the migraines were nonstop for three years before vanishing suddenly. I don’t think it’d be related to POTS, since this comes on in a variety of seated positions and usually sticks around for anywhere from an evening to days at this point. In high school I had a CT scan, MRIs, ENT exams, psychologist/neurologist exams, and more testing I might be forgetting at the moment. The best they could figure at the time is that it was just related to “stress,” but now that it’s returned I’m curious if it’s at all related to EDS. Regardless, if anyone deals with something similar and has any ideas for what kind of doctor I should be looking to see / what this could be, let me know!

Posted by kmrankey at 2022-06-04 22:30:02 UTC