Anyone experienced symptoms related to poor head posture? I’d like to hear about them. Since childhood I’ve had worsening issues with: Jaw tightness facial inflammation/swollen lymph nodes speech dysfunction (a lateral lisp) discomfort when swallowing/difficulty swallowing. As a kid I would often be unable to swallow meat and need to spit it out. ear problems - since eighth grade I have been unable to equalize pressure, can’t put my head under water w/out pain. Have been told it’s possible canal dehiscence. Can make all sorts of crackling sounds by flexing the insides of my ears Most recently after visiting a chiropractor my neck has gone from very stiff to very loose and constantly cracking. I’ve also been recently having these sort of burp-like tics, I guess? Have had tics in the past, it’s hard to tell what these are. But a feeling like I need to flex my throat to push phlegm up towards my mouth. Kind of like gagging? I have no idea how to describe this one. Could this be chiari or something? I don’t know much about it. I have my first ever rheumatologist appt next month and am trying to get a handle on what about my experience of being alive might actually be symptoms.

Posted by ambraz at 2022-06-06 01:04:02 UTC