What are your thoughts on self correcting your spine? My new PT is not really fond of bringing the spine to an end range position in order to get it to pop back in place. He says that in the end I'll need this end range position by a PT more and more, and will depend on the PT. He is learning me to push it back myself by for example, by leaning sideways against a wall, feet about 50cm away from it and then let the hip drop to the wall. That is a very specific excersise for a specific disc problem. Anyway.. It is taking me weeks to recover the disc is still not in place. I'm cramping up more.. but maybe it is the best way to go in the end..? I hope my explanation makes sense. What are your thoughts on bringing the spine to an end range or trying to solve it with stretching excercises?

Posted by Deleted (5117eb10) at 2022-06-12 20:14:29 UTC