Finding doctor’s appointments so tough! Came home from one just now, in tears, for the n’th time. Have a diagnosis of hypermobility from before, but she told me that I do not have any real medical diagnosis to explain my pain. The fact that I tell her that my joints constantly move out of positions seems to mean nothing. This is what I always meet at the doctor’s office. One doctor went behind my back and wrote to the social system that it was all mental and they should send me to a shrink. Another asked me if I was a drug addict. All of them tell me straight to my face that my hypermobility doesn’t cause my pain. It makes me feel like a complete idiot for having pain. Thank goodness for the zebra club! You are the only ones who actually get it. ❤️

Posted by Grethe H at 2022-06-15 08:06:18 UTC