I’ve recently done something to the left hand thumb, but not sure what. Since pain levels were well over 10/10, and it’s in constant use normally, I’ve decided to get it checked out to be sure nothing is broken. The X-ray came back normal, only showing a healed fracture on the fifth metacarpal, which must have happened sometime in the past two years, but have no clue when or how since I normally don’t go to get checked for random “extra” pain, and my only answer is being a zebra, lol Almost all fingers have a tendency to subluxations, except for the pinkies, and often when I have a shoulder subluxation it is followed by bursitis, I’m wondering if it’s possible to have that happen in the thumb? That (bursitis) or tendonitis? My suspicion is that perhaps I had a subluxations in sleep and just don’t remember it or popping it back in. The symptoms are slight swelling (cold pack and pressure wrapping help a lot in controlling the swelling, but not with the pain. Nothing so far helped the pain, and it is more then “happy” to bend back unnaturally, but extremely dissatisfied in bending forward as it supposed to be able to. There is not much redness or heat to the painful area unless if I try using it, but there is a little bump right above the joint and in full contact with the joint. Did anyone else here experience something like that? (It’s now about one and a half weeks, maybe two)

Posted by lior at 2022-06-22 21:55:36 UTC