Had the weirdest thing happen the other day. I went out to a book and dinner club where you were served a surprise set menu. I’ve been having chronic heartburn (while on Rx PPIs) but the meal wasn’t spicy so I thought I’d be ok. It did contain a lot of fermented foods like kimchi (fermented cabbage), gojuchang (fermented red pepper paste), and doenjang (fermented bean paste) - all very mildly spiced versions though. Well, a few hours after the meal my heartburn was back (no surprise there) and my nose was so itchy! Then the whole next day it felt like the inside of my throat had a sunburn. I feel fine this morning but it was weird! MCAS and histamine intolerance people: I suspect I am having histamine related issues, is this what that’s like? I used to love these foods but haven’t had them since my heartburn thing started last year. I never grew up with food allergies so this is all new to me. Thanks! #mcas #histamine #whatishappening

Posted by Deleted (1baa90f2) at 2022-06-23 11:39:10 UTC