Does anyone have tips for acute rib subluxation? I’ve been trying to do Jeannie’s breathing exercises from her rib subluxation video but it doesn’t help the acute feeling of it needing to pop back into place or the discomfort/pain. I’ve tried the usual online tricks and even had my PT take a look and she had me try some things but nothing is working. I don’t have a chiropractor or DO I can ask for help unfortunately and am in the middle of moving. In case it matters: it’s mid back, posterior but the rib feels like it popped inwards. It almost feels like if I could take a big enough breath to put outward pressure on it it would pop back into place but I can’t actually do that. @Jeannie Di Bon do you have any other tips besides continuing to relax the surrounding muscles? Thank you in advance! #ribsubluxation

Posted by Deleted (686ed9c7) at 2022-06-27 00:58:24 UTC