Hi 👋, I went to a vascular surgeon, specialist in Thoracic Outlet Syndrom (TOS). I have it on both sides and my EMG is already disturbed. I had recently surgery on my left shoulder which made it worse. He told me a resection of my 1e rib and a piece of the Scalenus muscle is the only option I have. But due to my age (52) and EDS, the success rate after surgery is 85%. My previous shoulder surgery was on the 25th of March. I am not looking forward to another one... Does anyone have experience with TOS and surgery? The exercises from TZC give me some relief but I am still in pain a lot and the nights are terrible. @Jeannie Di Bon, what would you recommend? Thank you xxx

Posted by yuuki at 2022-06-27 09:14:28 UTC