In October last year I 'popped' the top of my hamstring which was agony and made my pelvis really unstable. Since joining ZC in January I've been focusing mainly on the unwind the pelvis and isometric classes, and recently am getting more adventurous trying other classes. Yesterday, after being on the NHS waiting list since November, I finally saw a specialist MSK physio who I have seen previously for other issues. He confirmed one of my 3 hamstrings had gone and its now a case of strengthening the other 2. The physio was really impressed with how far I had come since he last saw me, my improved posture and how well I had managed my hamstring injury so far. I explained about the Zebra Club and exercises I have been doing, and again he said I have been doing all the right things and he was impressed at my body awareness that I never had before, again thanks to the ZC. So now we are going to work on improving my remaining hamstrings and glutes further. So basically I just wanted to share how empowered I feel after his comments, and how grateful I am to Jeannie for creating the Zebra Club. Thank you.

Posted by Deleted (3a192d92) at 2022-07-07 08:46:57 UTC