Hey! If you could offer some advice that would be extremely helpful! Recently I've been really frustrated at my inability to stand or walk around for less than an hour without pain. I am able to push myself into standing for long periods but it starts to hurt almost immediately. My legs hurt from my toes to the lower half of my spine when standing for a while. It feels as if every muscle is on fire from over working and everything feels stretched out, it's like the soreness you get after running a couple miles (at least that's how I felt when I was able to run). My knees start to hurt a lot and my hips feel like they are ripping apart. I really don't know what to do about it, I am still trying to get a wheelchair but that's not going to be any time soon and I don't know if a walker would benefit me. I know crutches won't help because they will cause pain to my upper body. There are some points where sitting on the floor might help but I am always worried about feeling worse once I get up. I know my legs are still strong and I excersize them frequently so I don't know why this pain is so intense and why i feel weak. I dont know what could be used to assist me besides sitting for a few minutes. I've also noticed that the longer I walk the worse my posture gets, my shoulders start to come forward and my neck/upper spine bends down. I dont know what to do.

Posted by isabelrenae0 at 2022-07-12 18:11:58 UTC