Hi you all. I'm looking for sleeping hacks to prevent subluxations. Every single night I sublux several joints while sleeping and spend the day trying to get them back into place. Affected joints are vertebrae in the upper and lower back, SI joints, sacrum and ribs. I sleep on my side (sleeping on my back gives me nightmares) and here is what I already do: Hard high quality mattress, "chair" position for the legs and straight spine, cushion between my knees, towel roll under my waist, posture belt to prevent my shoulders from rolling forward, cushion for side sleepers for the head. I barely move while sleeping, often I wake up exactly how I did fall asleep. I want to point out, that I never sublux these joints during the day. My awareness, posture, proprioception and strength while conscious seem to work just fine to prevent subluxations. But when I am asleep they just fall out. Any ideas are appreciated.

Posted by Katie T at 2022-07-13 12:10:12 UTC