Any tips for surviving long hospital appointments? I have to go to the breast clinic in a couple of weeks for mammogram, biopsy etc. I found a lump a year ago and was told it was a benign cyst and that I had lots of them, so finding another one now isn't overly concerning (apart from that little voice in your head that always jumps to the worst possible conclusion πŸ™„ ) Ì was told the appointment lasts 2-3 hours, but last time it was over 3 hours plus I didn't know what to expect so wasn't particularly well prepared/assertive, and left the clinic in zombie mode. 😱 This time around I'm going to get myself a front opening bra that I can slip on and off easily (sitting around braless in a hospital gown is going to wreck my shoulders), and wear my sunflower (invisible disability) lanyard too. Any other ideas?

Posted by lemurlass at 2022-07-15 16:24:28 UTC