Hi, all. So glad to have a community familiar with hypermobility. Question: I believe I have an acute SI joint injury. Last time this happened, I rested/iced and stopped being active while the joint was still painful thinking I would prevent further injury, but I ended up complicating things by being inactive for too long (weeks). Yet I know I tend to overdo activity and my joints naturally overextend so its easy to pile on injuries compensating for one injured part. So, I am looking for guidelines for my activity level as I heal (3 days out right now). I see ortho in a week for this specific issue and get imaging, but as far as understanding this in the context of my hypermobility specifically, I'm on my own for now, and would love to hear any related thoughts/experiences. Background: I just finished 20 weeks of PT for a hip joint rotation, which was secondary to a lower back injury similar to this recent one from February (maybe SI joint). It's so disappointing to have a new injury after working on recovery all year and being diligent about proper form when bending/leaning/alignment. I have long standing issues with bulging discs in the upper spine and neck causing headache, back pain and arm numbness on and off, which I've learned not to aggravate. And I haven't been able to find an in-person professional familiar with EDS, as everyone I've approached (PCP, ortho, pediatrist, PT, chiro, rheumatologist, neurologist, FM/integrative doc) refers me to the local genetics practice which isn't taking new EDS/connective tissue referrals as apparently they are overrun. So, I'm piecemealing my hypermobility-specific diagnosis and treatment myself for now.

Posted by Deleted (05fee404) at 2021-12-29 15:28:04 UTC