Feedback on TZC classes for shoulders, pelvis, hips, fallen arches! @Jeannie Di Bon I have been having issues from the left foot-knee with sciatic pain, spine, shoulder/neck for years. Along the way I have found ways to help but over the last couple months I've been having to figure it all out again. My PT suggested orthodics which I just got last Thursday. I had orthodics post surgery on my feet 30 yrs ago and managed to work out of them for 20 yrs - until now. (I'm 52 and had foot surgery at 18 yrs old) Explaining for anyone who is having similar issues! I cannot tell you how much the orthodics are shifting my whole body and how much TZC classes are strengthening my new alignment and helping me figure out how to increase balance and remove pain & fatigue. I was falling off to one side when walking... Todays classes that helped and really felt like they were designed just for me: STRENGTH & CONNECT: ISO POWER/LEVEL: GENTLE/FOCUS: PELVIS & SHOULDERS Made for me! Working the back of the shoulder joints with thera band, bridge work, magic circle working the outer hips/legs while standing inside helping to gain better strength and balance. I am walking sooooo much better after this class! My pelvis feels strong in the neutral position which strengthens the whole body/posture. MAGIC CIRCLE POWER/LEVEL: MODERATE/FOCUS: WHOLE BODY Works the shoulders with rowing, rotations working the serratus, standing with circle at ankles. I have shoulder issues - they are hypermobile, with tears, they have difficulty staying in the joints -one is hiked out of the joint and is difficult to get it to stay in the correct place without it going into my neck/head causing pain. This class will help with that! It's super gentle and feels more like asking the body if it can find another way to activate muscles/tendons to gain better alignment and strength. Thank you Jeannie!

Posted by gurrylife at 2022-07-18 22:26:47 UTC