Thank you so much for the after illness class @Jeannie Di Bon. I was a member and a pretty avid user of the club classes before COVID, though this is my first time posting. I was diagnosed with COVID May 17 and was positive and symptomatic for 19 very long days (though I know this isn’t as bad as some) followed by bacterial pneumonia that took several weeks to treat because of my immunodeficiency. I had an inflammatory response that included my liver, and severe joint pain and fatigue. We moved during this time, and I finally found a new gentle chiropractor to help put me back into place. Today was the first day I felt maybe, just maybe I could do a class, and here I found this and it was the perfect perfect perfect reintroduction. 😭 I am crying grateful tears tonight - for you and your work and also for the ability to do this.

Posted by saraebsharpe at 2022-07-23 00:59:47 UTC