#Photosensitivity advice. I'm in very sunny and hot Texas. We've had lots of great posts recently about dealing with the heat, but I'm having trouble finding accommodations which will allow me to deal with the way bright sun can affect my eyes especially (ocular migraines which make driving dangerous) and my skin (MCAS flare). My doc says to stay out of the sun from 10-3 and wear UV blocking sunglasses and spf clothing when outside, which work except when I do need to venture out during that 10-3 time. I homeschool my kids and want to be able to take them outdoors, on field trips, and need to go to doc appts etc. I have a med that will stop the ocular migraine so that I can drive if one starts when I'm out, but my supply is limited and non-renewable, so I'm hoping to find ways to better tolerate/mitigate effects of the sunlight, especially on my eyes, so I'm not limited to indoors for most of the day.

Posted by Deleted (05fee404) at 2022-07-30 18:44:30 UTC