Hi, I suspect I have MCAS. But in Denmark no doctors know it. I can't get a diagnosis or any help. Maybe it's not MCAS but it is something. Does anyone know of a doctor you can see online who can diagnose MCAS ( or tell me if it's not)? For many years I have suspected I had histamine intolerance. Then I got a pneumonia and for 1,5 years I got various treatments and nothing worked. I was so ill with asthma and coughing and phlegm and feeling like I would choke. Then a new doctor found I had a staph infection in the lungs and the treatment worked. Sort of. It's now a year ago I had the penicillin and I am better. But I am on a very restricted diet and I am sensitive to perfume, house plants, smells when cooking, warm showers, being in the sun. I have daily asthma and when I eat a normal meal I get ashtma, something feeling like a pneumonia (without the doctors finding any bacteria), tightening and pain in the chest, feeling like having the flu, headaches, GI problems, pain in the bladder and abdomen, dry maybe red eyes, stuffed nose. In the summer time I have rashes on my arms and it's worse this summer. Sometimes when I have this sort of pneumonia or inflammation in the lungs my heart reacts and I get atrial fibrillation ( because if the infection). My diet is very limited and lately I am so sick of eating boiled chicken and quinoa and millet. Then I eat a normal meal and I get so sick again. Rigth now it's in the middle of the night and I can't sleep because I the reactions after a meal. I don't know what to do. Thank you for reading my long post. #mcas #pneumonia

Posted by Catherina Johansen at 2022-07-31 02:36:26 UTC