Hi all zebras, Ive been resisting posting this as I was hoping to have a solution and I am a very private person. The move to Italy went disastrastly wrong. The house we were renting for a year and supposed to move into was unihabitable. We should of went to see it before we sent money. I was so poorly I had to travel back from Italy 4 weeks ago and we couldnt find anywhere else to rent. Now we wish we had persisted there as it has been an absolute nightmare trying to find somewhere here in the UK. Every property we have looked at has been damp and or unsuitable. My son Rocco, who is being an incredible support for me and I have been staying in numerous hotels and guest houses. We had covid the first week we were back and all this stress is really taking its toll We dont really have any help from family here. My husband who is in entertainment is travelling around the Uk working for us. I hope this is ok to post but Im really in a crisis now. I would like to know if anyone knows of any rental accomodation that is healthy in the UK (or abroad) available? Our budget is approx £1000 a month.

Posted by rosannavioletta1 at 2022-07-31 12:44:46 UTC