Hi Everyone. I just joined today and I’m really hoping some of these classes can help me get to feeling better. My Occupational Therapist brought the idea of hyper mobile EDS up to me about a year ago and I had never heard of it before that. I’m 41 and have been struggling with migraines, chronic hives, IBS and nutrient deficiencies for most of my life. I feel like I have to “turn my muscles and lungs on” everyday or I have a lot of pain and can’t breathe very well. I also have binocular vision dysfunction that was just diagnosed a year ago (but I was having symptoms for much longer). And, I just learned that my pelvic floor is very weak. I haven’t been evaluated for EDS but I do have hyper mobile joints, especially in my hands, hips and shoulders. My PT said my pelvic floor issue is likely due to my hips being so “loose”. Until I met my OT most of my symptoms were attributed to stress by doctors and I had given up on looking for help. I think I probably do have hyper mobile EDS because it’s the only diagnosis I’ve encountered that makes sense of all my symptoms. I think my 21 year old son might too. I feel at the beginning of a long journey and it’s kind of scary and stressful. I’m hoping I’ll find support just by being here with others who have similar experiences and by finding exercises that I can do when I’m exhausted.

Posted by Deleted (9c652491) at 2022-08-04 18:19:29 UTC