Hi. I’m wondering if having a hard time getting blood draws is something that other zebras experience? I have this whole battery of tests my doctor ordered and I’ve been putting them off because I always have such a bad experience with blood draws. My veins roll and they are tiny. I’ve had phlebotomists send me away after poking me too many times and they didn’t even get the sample. I always end up with huge bruises and sometimes a numb arm from the elbow down. My veins collapse and swell if they do manage to get a needle in there. I always make sure I’m warm and hydrated and I ask them to use small needles. I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can do? It’s not a huge thing but it is really unpleasant and I’ve developed some fear over the years. I’m still learning about EDS and maybe this isn’t related so sorry if this post is off topic.

Posted by bethanysmithmft at 2022-08-06 17:51:57 UTC