Knee braces… My orthopedist wants me to start wearing a brace and prescribed a j knee brace. My problem with it is that the correct size is not something I can pull up on my own. Without braces I subluxate or dislocate every single finger except the pinkies. With the braces I’m still having issues with keeping a grip on it to pull up and the pain of the action is too much to have it done on a daily basis, and I don’t really lack the muscle for it as much as it’s just slipping from between my fingers since it needs such a strong pull. Any tips or suggestions for how to make it work, or any other braces that you might recommend to ask about? Would a Swedish knee cage brace hold the knee as well, or is it less supportive? I’m thinking that it looks easier to wear and remove since there’s no need to pull? The brace is to try and keep the patellas better in place. Currently they are pushed out and to the side (both), and quite easily go in/out of place. Thank you!

Posted by lior at 2022-08-10 22:06:42 UTC