Hi guys, I seem to havehurt my tailbone or lower pelvis. This pain is new for me, and I’m not sure how to best treat it. It hurts when I am sitting on the floor, when I’m rolling on my back to my side and it is awful when I sit to go to the toilet, it is not liking any sort of relaxation of the pelvic floor. I was at the hairdressers for three hours on Wednesday and the seat was not comfortable, My feet didn’t touch the ground flat. Later that evening I was doing a gentle roll down and I heard a weird pop from my lower back too… Any advice would be greatly appreciated my gut Is telling me rest and ice, But I am not sure. However as a result my body and mind are in high alert at the moment 😔 Thanks

Posted by lorna.lott1 at 2022-08-12 06:36:29 UTC