DAE get these symptoms? 1. Low grade fevers on and off that can happen for days in a row and then stop or be on and off and get anywhere between 99.5-101.5 2. A very uncomfortable warming sensation in your skin out of the blue, irrespective of the actual temperature around you? Like your legs suddenly feel like they’re burning. 3. An occasional feeling like your being stabbed in your rib cage or pelvic area? The feeling of being stabbed or like an electric shock but it only lasts for a couple of minutes. I am not talking about all these symptoms at the same time. These are just symptoms I’ve had for years now and am not sure why. For the fever I’ve seen several doctors and they couldn’t find the cause. I’ve read it could just be a sign of general inflammation, which given how often our bodies are fighting pain and fatigue, that makes sense. I’ve also wondered if it’s just a symptom that is a part of EDS but it’s not been discovered or recognized by the general medical community because their is still so much we’re learning about EDS. Would love to hear your thoughts! Hope everyone is having a lovely and low pain Friday :)

Posted by teddyhadapixie at 2022-08-12 22:18:20 UTC