Hope 2022 is off to a 🦓💪 start. Let’s talk pelvic floor. I wanted to share a couple of anatomy images as I think understanding the body can help us manage our symptoms. The first image shows how the pelvic floor is made up of several muscles that form a covering of the inside of the pelvis. They operate like any other muscle - they need to contract and relax. The second image shows the intimate relationship of the PF with all the surrounding structures. So an overactive PF can be causing hip pain, SI joint instability, back pain, abdominal pain. Everything runs into everything else. That’s why the Unwind The Pelvis class for example is so beneficial because I’m addressing all these connections. It helps us realise why ‘core stability’ training can be so detrimental. Why would anyone want to bind this complex structure down in a bracing fashion? Hope this is useful. Have a great day.

Posted by Jeannie Di Bon at 2022-01-02 08:58:44 UTC