You guys might have already known this, but we visited with some family from India recently, and I was shocked that so many DELICIOUS foods could be #mcas #mcad friendly. What I mean by that is that the cooking is quick (often in a pressure cooker vs a slow cooker) and ingredients are fresh. However, it’s not much time on your feet so it’s #pots friendly as well. They did have to accommodate some of my mcas needs (like no tomato, no mint, etc) but most of the seasonings were low to no histamine (according to the app my immunologist suggested called “intolerances” it’s about $8-$10 and has a blue background with a red strawberry). My experience was overwhelmingly positive. I’m so used to American food where everything is convenient vs fresh. But the pressure cooker really makes it possible to have the convenience of a can (which canned food always irritates my mcas) but the benefit of fresh. I’m still getting my feet underneath me as far as what recipes are, so I can come back with more specific recommendations. However, I wanted to share this while I was thinking about it & gauge interest before I invest too heavily in reporting back. I’m just so thankful to have seasoned food I can eat again. There variety now, and I haven’t had that in years. It’s just so exciting after being in the dark for so long.

Posted by marie.kelley at 2022-08-16 16:42:54 UTC