Ok this is going to sound pathetic. I tried the foundations when I joined and didn’t understand, so I abandoned it. Trying again. I’m practically weeping. I’m doing ex2 relaxation and Jeannie is doing very small pelvic rolls. But how? When I try all I’m doing is either using my thighs, something akin to doing a tiny bridge movement. Or I’m grinding the back of my pelvis into the floor to tip it forwards. Neither of these seem right? Am I supposed to be clenching my abdominals somewhere somehow to achieve this roll? But she doesn’t say so. Is there some magical knowledge I don’t have about doing exercises? I don’t know what engaging means, for example, of how I should be moving. My muscle tone is practically non-existent and things don’t seem to move in the right places. I’m so frustrated with myself. If I’m stuck on ex2 of the foundation how will I ever manage anything more challenging!?!?! This is one reason why I haven’t done any exercise for so many years. Can anyone help please ? Sorry.

Posted by MoonFace at 2022-08-16 17:11:58 UTC