any tips for severe tightness on the side of the hip+back of thigh/hamstring? no idea how it was caused, sort of just woke up from sleep feeling super wobbly and tight, a bit of a dull pain, on both sides of my hips/pelvis/glutes. i tried support the hip joint to work it out, it usually is a good and easy one for my hips. i spasmed my lower back just trying to open my legs a teeny bit for the clamshells, and my legs pretty much stayed at a right angle while doing the alternating lifts when they are usually close to straight. it's so tight it takes a lot of effort to walk and sit and my feet are flaring out from feeling so unstable.... any advice is appreciated ♥️

Posted by Deleted (a9376b7c) at 2022-08-18 23:15:27 UTC