Morning, Does anyone with MCAS have major reactions to wood? I have just been diagnosed after a four year fight in the UK and I have been started on initial medication, which has reduced my reactions significantly. I’m not asking for specific medication advice, as I have another appointment booked with the consultant in a month, but I’ve had a severe reaction to some wooden slats for my new bed and wondered if anyone else also had reactions triggered by wood. Have you found anything that helps? Or do you know what the issue is? Glue? Varnish? Saw dust? It has now happened various times over the last few years, all triggered by exposure to wood, but there is no continuity between what type of wood it is and whether it has been varnished etc. It seems to attack my lungs and breathing most of all and is very different to other MCAS reactions. I already have asthma inhalers, which do provide some relief. Any advice would be very welcome.

Posted by Francesca at 2022-08-19 09:09:29 UTC