Zebras! This is slightly off-topic from TZC 😂 😂 but my gut says it’s the right place to go for advice: I have the big 4-0 birthday coming up in January. I want to celebrate it in a way that is COVID-safe and also hEDS-friendly. Ideas? Considerations: - Minnesota in January 🥶 - Partner does not want to leave the US ✈️ - Pelvis pain triggered by driving ‼️ - Friends scattered around the country 🇺🇸 - I really don’t want COVID/Long COVID 😬 For my 30th, I went to all-inclusive Mexican resort with a close friend, but a lot of my friends have small kids now, so I feel like it’s a lot to ask them to go on a trip with me without their families. Thanks for your thoughts!!

Posted by abra.pollock at 2022-08-21 16:18:46 UTC