Does knee clicking ever go away? Both my knees click very loudly, and my right one clicks as many as 3 times per step. People stare at me when it happens, and it hurts. I got sent to physio and a rheum, but the most I go was a few exercises thag have done nothing and a HSD diagnosis (although I believe I have hEDS - the rheum told me he doesn't believe it exists, and my gp has been refusing another referral!!). I walk with a stick, and have just bought a rollator. Is there anything I can do about the clicking??? I have been continuing my pt exercises, even though I've been dismissed as they "can't treat hypermobility". I just saw a podiatrist who was amazing and she has given me super supportive insoles as my ankles and feet do nothing, and some balance exercises. They're definitely helping with stability whilst standing and fatigue of my leg joints. But nothing seems to help the clicking. I'm 27, and it makes me feel so self conscious when people stare at me because my knees click and having to use mobility aids. Any advice?!

Posted by Deleted (97d4fb7b) at 2022-01-03 13:48:07 UTC