Looking for some advice on any potential commonly missed lower back issues amongst EDS peeps: I’ve always experienced this weird numbness from the lower back down the the tailbone region. It went away for a while after i started doing a lot of end range strength work, but now its been back again for the past 1 year ish. MRI is clear, so spondylolisthesis was ruled out. A sports doctor just wrote it off as a nerve conduction issue, which i disagree because my symptoms are transient (aka they only happen when i do certain actions, or if i relax the muscles around the lumbopelvic region). Recently i some gentle release work around the lumbopelvic region and bless the past 5 days was filled with SIJ pain + this weird numbness creeping back slowly. If i dont release the muscles there im completely fine, so it seems like im being held together by engagement….. Does this sound like an obvious marker for any commonly missed issue to yall? Its been 4 years of this and no answers

Posted by Deleted (ade58139) at 2022-08-23 01:36:56 UTC