I have to say thank you to the Zebras for causing a shift in my mind. All my life I have struggled with standard exercise classes. The push-yourself-increase-reps etc mentality to strengthen my body has never worked, and has always seemed artificial. To me, when I was able, exercise was something which happened when I did an activity - like walking or cycling, or gardening. I have never made improvements either at the gym, or with the physio. Even last month, after badly twisting my ankle, tearing ligaments, and falling onto my hip, worsening its subluxation, my physio gave me a standard set of exercises to follow, and increase over a couple of months. I tried them for a week and was in a complete mess, worse than when I started! I was putting off doing TZC because I thought it would be more of the same. What the Zebras have explained here is that this isn’t anything like that. I can chose what I do, and a lot of the classes are about resting and de-stressing and calming. Tiny movements and gentleness. It’s a revelation, now that the penny has dropped. I am still in my very early days but I have started to look forward to doing a class, or half a class, or bits of one. There’s been a huge shift in my expectations. So thank you Jeannie and all the Zebras, thank you so much, there’s hope of us all!! x

Posted by Deleted (b919b50e) at 2022-08-23 19:36:32 UTC