Hello everyone! I’m Nathalie and I live in the Netherlands with my partner and two cats. 🐈‍⬛ I joined TZC about two weeks ago. I’m still in the diagnostic process for HSD/hEDS. In the meantime I was referred to a pelvic floor therapist who claimed to have experience with hypermobility. Unfortunately, the exercises I was given made my problem (overactive bladder and hypertonic pelvic floor) worse. I stopped doing the exercises and instead joined The Zebra Club! 🦓 The Orientation videos have really helped me to understand to progress slowly and gently. I’m already feeling more relaxed the last two weeks. At the moment I find myself going back and forth between the Foundations and Starter Pack classes. Thanks for reading and I’m happy to be on this journey alongside all of you. 🤗

Posted by Deleted (2689198e) at 2022-08-24 09:18:13 UTC