Hi all, haven't posted before but thought some of you might have some useful insight on something that has perplexed me. I have a lot of acid reflux symptoms (worsening over the last couple of years) and in the last few months have been put on omeprazole and made a lot of dietary changes (to the point of struggling to meet my calorie requirements). Today I saw a consultant and he said studies have actually shown no evidence of dietary changes helping reflux except in the case of fizzy drinks and that I should eat whatever I wanted (he also booked an endoscopy). I'm a lot more inclined to trust him than my GP, but I'm also very confused because it seems to contradict everything I've read, both from people's personal experience and advice on medical sites. Has anyone been told similar or have any other info/thoughts?

Posted by amy_thompson015 at 2022-08-26 13:50:40 UTC