Hello! I’m new to Zebra Club (and two weeks into my hEDS diagnosis). I’m still learning so much about all the things. I am working my way through the Foundation videos and just watched the video on joint stability where there were exercises on all four’s positions. My hypermobility, and joint instability is especially pronounced in my thumbs and hands. I went to physical therapy (I’m in the U.S.) last week where they gave me braces and ring splints and told me my thumbs dislocated with the most conservative exercises that they could assign me to do. He told me just to stop using my thumbs as much as possible and modify everything. He said I couldn’t really do any other hand exercises until my thumb stabilized. I then consulted an orthopedic surgeon who recommended a fusion surgery for my thumb (my left thumb to start). After surgery in October I will have an increase in functional movements in that joint and I will be able to do physical therapy to strengthen my other muscles and stabilize my hand joints, but I wont be able to flatten my hands (like what is needed for hands and knees position or planks). Is there a modification of this position that I could implement that would work the same muscles but not involve my hands on the floor? This would be needed both pre surgery and post surgery (once cleared for exercise.)

Posted by Deleted (edbe483c) at 2022-08-27 15:54:28 UTC