Hi everyone! Wondering if anyone has any advice on general activity outside building up strength etc with this program- I’m generally thinking about work, as I work part-time. It’s been incredibly difficult just getting to work on public transport through London then I sometimes have to walk around a bit at work, and just sitting upright is hard especially with POTS. Recently I asked for a week or so off work because I’m struggling with POTS especially in the heat and I’m awaiting medication from the hospital… and so I’m wondering, am I better to almost start again in terms of activity- I know after work I am in so much pain and feel like I’m injuring myself and setting myself back- or should I keep going for fear I reduce activity too much… I want to keep my job, but wonder if I should ask for extended leave to get my pots and strength up without keeping injuring myself?? Also, any opinions on the use of braces and/or KT tape - I find them so useful for a bit when something is playing up - is it ok to wear supports while exercising when necessary? One more thing - clicky joints?? Why? And will strengthening help? Sorry that one was an essay! Anna

Posted by annaaaaa at 2022-08-28 22:17:44 UTC