Feet … and orthotics … I watched one of Jeannie’s videos on YouTube about waking up our feet with a golf ball / tennis ball / spiky massage ball … so I have a few questions: 1. Should I do this every day? 2. For how long? Should I build up the length of time? 3. Do you start with a golf ball and then build up to a spiky massage ball? I have orthotics, which basically means I haven’t worn a single nice pair of shoes or boots since I got them about six years ago - they don’t tell you that at the appointment! Are there any particular brands people have found that fit their orthotics in? I have only managed to fit them in Saucony trainers, which means that I look like I am always training for a marathon, which I am most definitely not! Also slippers - what do people do? Or is it better to try and wear slipper socks for more feedback from our feet? Sorry for the long post! Francesca

Posted by Francesca at 2022-08-30 16:36:14 UTC