#gallbladder issues... Has anyone had luck treating/preventing gallstones with a low-fat diet? My regular doc wants my gallbladder out due to gallstones & pain, but my surgeon seems uncomfortable with connective tissue issues/complexity and suggested doing a lifelong low-fat diet to avoid surgery. πŸ€¦β€β™€ The thing is, a low-fat diet seems totally incompatible with the dietary restrictions that are working to manage my autoimmune issues, MCAS, migraines etc. Beyond that though, eating low fat recently hasn't helped the gallstone pain. So, not looking for medical advice on such a complex decision, but I'm more wondering, has anyone found a low-fat diet to be a successful treatment/prevention for gallstones, especially in our zebra population? On the other hand, I've read several posts here about increased symptoms of other chronic issues after gallbladder removal. Just hoping to gather some zebra-specific information and anecdotes for my own research. πŸ€“

Posted by Deleted (05fee404) at 2022-08-30 18:57:19 UTC