Hi everyone. I have found a lot of very helpful information on here and a lot of validation. I have another newbie question. How do you all integrate the exercises on here with other exercises? When I was diagnosed, my doctor really emphasized the need for exercise and strengthening with hEDS and recommended I work up to an hour of exercise per day, emphasizing strength. I’m used to exercise, but had typically erred more towards running/yoga/HIIT workouts that I’m coming to realize were not good for my joints. The Zebra Club seems like a great place to relearn the foundations of my movements. With Jeannie’s recommendation of doing TZC videos three days per week, what other exercises do you all like to do? Or is TZC your main exercises? Basically, is this intended to be supplemental to an exercise program or is it intended to be the core exercise program?

Posted by Deleted (edbe483c) at 2022-08-30 21:32:41 UTC